Welcome to DownHouse Software

DownHouse Software is the brainchild of Jack Treml, an Immunologist and Biology Instructor in Paola, Kansas

All of the projects at DownHouse serve the same purpose: Making Education Engaging and Fun

In its first year DownHouse has released... Two Apps for iPhone: KidsKalc - a simple adding and subtracting calculator for children

Pusing Taoism - a clean app that provides push notifications consisting of inspirational messages from Taoist Philosophers

Two Educational iBook Series: Mythic Science - Interactive texts using mythological tales to teach elements of chemistry and physics

Zombie Math - Interactive stories about a pair of grade school kids and their heroic acts that save their school and town from a zombie invasion

While future additions of Mythic Science, Zombie Math and the Pushing series are in the works, several additional projects are also on the horizon. To see more about these projects, follow the 'Projects' link above.

Jack also runs a blog discussing science and education (as well as other verities and balderdash) on Wordpress